NFX - Khaki/Jet Ionized + Amber Lens
NFX - Khaki/Jet Ionized + Amber Lens
NFX - Khaki/Jet Ionized + Amber Lens

NFX - Khaki/Jet Ionized + Amber Lens

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Dragon NFX

The goggle for maximum peripheral vision and a comfortable fit. The Dragon NFX features a large, cylindrical, super anti-fog frameless lens with armored venting and triple layer micro fleece lined face foam, which will be soft to your face without creating pressure points. The frameless design provides you with enhanced peripheral vision which won't let you miss anything at all while charging down the mountain.


+ Patented Frameless Technology
+ Armored Venting
+ Flexible Dual Lexan Lens Anti-Fog Treated
+ 100% UV Protection
+ Hypollergenic Micro-Fleece Lining
+ Helmet Compatible
+ Large Fit

Goggle Care
Not being able to see ruins a day up on the mountain. Here are some basic tips to protect your goggle in order to ensure that they last as many seasons as possible:
• Never let your lens touch the table or hard surface when you set them down. Place them on the foam side with the lens facing up.
• Use only a soft cloth (not your baselayer shirt) or anti-fog cloth to blot (not wipe) the goggle lens dry. Wiping is more abrasive and can remove the anti-fogging coating on the inside of the lens.
• When off the slopes allow goggles to air dry thoroughly before stowing in their bag. Store your goggles in a soft sack when they are not in use. Most come with one when purchased.
• Do not dry goggles in direct sun or high heat, such as on the dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror.
Take care and enjoy.



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